Linex Technologies, Inc., (Linex) a Delaware Corporation, has been developing visionary 3G/4G/LTE+ Systems Architecture since 1998. Linex is in the business of licensing its patented inventions.

The Linex Intellectual Property Portfolio
contains Pioneering and Needed
Solutions to longstanding
requirements of the wireless

Linex's solutions transcend the non-structured 3G networks with "Smart Architecture". The result is a capacity increase over existing wireless technology. Linex provides a major technological leap forward for both service providers and equipment manufacturers.

Linex markets its Intellectual Property portfolio to those companies that have
made, or intend to make use
of the teachings of the
Linex patents to
implement today's
and tomorrow's
standard wireless equipment.

The portfolio of Linex patents obtained from its inventions address a variety of wireless subjects including Network Topology, Smart Antennae, Mobility and Handoff, System Capacity, and Performance Improvements.


Linex Technologies, Inc.
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